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La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard


L'Écho des racines (2024)

Èbe - Sarah Bronsard © Vanessa Fortin 2

ÈBE (2018)

Sarah Bronsard - © Anne-Marie Baribeau web.jpg

Sarah Bronsard is a choreographer based in Montreal. She finds her most fertile ground in flamenco dance and on the contemporary dance scene after a multidisciplinary artistic parcours, including music, blown glass, digital arts and a career as a painter. Her projects - supported by the Canada Council for the Arts (CAC) and the Quebec Council for the Arts and Letters (CALQ) - have been presented in Quebec (Tangente, Society for Technological Arts), in Europe (France, Wales, Italy, Netherlands) and in Asia (Japan). Her work has recieved "Best Original Creation" award from Cirque du Soleil, the Pierre Lapointe award (UQAM) and the David-Kilburn award (UQAM).


In 2020, Sarah worked at the TOKAS (Japan), thanks to the support of CALQ, to initiate Bruissement de mousses, a project which is interested in the perception of mosses (bryophytes) in Japanese spirituality and aesthetics. In 2021 she toured in Québec with the piece Èbe, and she is presently working on the piece Dans l'écho des racines, a choreography developed at the encounter of flamenco and quebecois step dancing.

In addition to her choreographic practice, she was a performer for [ZØGMA], a contemporary quebecois step dancing company, and in 2020 she completed a master's thesis in research-creation at the Dance Department of UQAM around the issues of intercorporeity in the dance/music relationship. 

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