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Ariane Boulet

Ariane Boulet _ Danse-Cité - Les jeux du crépuscule _DavidWong23.jpg

Les jeux du crépuscule (2022)


Ariane Boulet holds a BA in Dance from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2009) and has since been working as a performer for close to twenty different creators. Searching for what art can offer, she finished a MA of Dance in 2014 where she specialized in creation in healthcare facilities. This experience marked the beginning of her questionings which have been following her ever since: the importance of faith, of doubt, of human contact, of landscapes; her search for bodies that are singular and collective. Co-founder of Le Radeau, she has created, since 2012, more than a dozen works for the stage and film, as well as site-specific works as a performer, creator and co-creator.


"My practice consists of inner journeys as well as the experience of solidarity, where bodies are a precious skin that offers itself as a crossing. One dances to come to and to humanize oneself, as a way of affirming oneself as existing and connected by consciously tracing oneself in space. The expression of this matter is interested in what's different, in what it brings us and allows us to deploy as parts of ourselves, and as a vector of recognition, acceptance and overcoming. It is to this enrichment of our irreducible complexity that my practice invites."

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