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Les jeux du crépuscule (The Twilight Games) // Ariane Boulet


Year of creation: 2022

Duration: 75 min

7 dancers

Les jeux du crépuscules (The Twilight Games) is a choreographic work innervated by the experiences of eight artists involved in the "Mouvement de passage" project carried out in nursing homes since 2014. The intention is to create a witness work that transcends the physical, sensory and emotional memories of each of the artists who took part in the project, and to ask the essential questions that emerged from a substantial and transformative experience.


Artistic director and creator - Ariane Boulet | Musical director and composer - Marie Vallée | dancers and creators - Audrey Bergeron, Joannie Douville, Lucy May, Isabelle Poirier, David Rancourt, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Julie Tymchuk | Lighting and set design - Audrée Lewka | Costume design - Julie Tymchuk | Sound design - Tom Demers | Video - Robin Pineda-Gould | Creative insight - Nicolas Filion, Sophie Michaud, Sarah-Ève Grant | Sound engineer - Guy Fortin | Producers - Le Radeau, Danse-Cité, Théâtre Hector-Charland


Photos 1 & 2 : David Wong; Photos 3 : Emily Gan; Photo 4 : Sandra Lynn Bélanger

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