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Compagnie Virginie Brunelle


Swallowed Bodies (2019)


To the pain that lingers (2016)


Plomb (2017)

Complexe des genres - Marie Philibert-Du

Complexe des genres (2011)

Bio and approach
Virginie Brunelle par Anne-Marie Baribea

Montreal-based Compagnie Virginie Brunelle was founded in 2009. Through a quest for humanity and authenticity both in terms of her subjects and choice of dancers, Virginie seeks to forge an intimate connection with the spectator by presenting unique shows that strike a powerful emotional chord. Her work features sensitive but tough performances and presents tableaus that combine a cinematographic quality with a vocabulary that deconstructs classical codes through erratic rhythms and a brutal gestural language constantly alternating between power and letting go.

Virginie Brunelle’s work can be recognized in the sensitive but raw performances, the cinematic tableaux and a vocabulary that seeks to deconstruct traditional codes, using staccato rhythms and coarse movement, constantly alternating between tension and release. Above all, she is interested in humans, their emotions, and the poetry of everyday existence.

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