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Toca // La Sporée / Sarah Bronsard


Year of creation: 2023

Duration : 50 minutes

1 dancer + 1 singer + 1 guitar player

The flamenco trio La Espora, composed of Sarah Bronsard (dance), Alexandra Templier (vocals) and "Quique" Henry Garf (guitar), present Toca. A verb evoking touch, sound and play, Toca invites us to a moment of sensitive listening, where strength and gentleness coexist in an almost epidermal attention. The show follows the traditional flamenco "tablao" form, blending structure and improvisation to foster a participatory experience, with a tangible intensity both on stage and in the audience. Toca offers a vibrant moment of listening, combining intensity, gentleness, strength and sensitivity. Collaborating on a variety of projects sometimes far removed from tradition, the three members of La Espora come together here to explore their shared love of the language of flamenco. In Toca, the intensity of their presence, their rigorous mastery of their art, their contagious complicity and their great sensitivity to the present moment combine to highlight the richness and versatility of their multidisciplinary backgrounds in the service of flamenco.


Dance -  Sarah Bronsard | Vocals - Alexandra Templier | Guitar - "Quique" Henry Garf 

Photos: Olivier Arseneault

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