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New creation // Anne Plamondon Productions


Year of creation : 2023

Duration : 65 min

6 dancers

In a brilliant career that has taken her around the globe, Anne Plamondon has danced for some of the greatest names in the international dance community. After working with Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite and sharing the adventure of RUBBERBAND, where she was the figurehead and co-artistic director for 10 years, she now devotes herself to various large-scale choreographic projects while also performing occasionally. Incorporating her experience as a dancer into her choreographic vision, she recently created a piece for Alberta Ballet and several sections of VANISHING MÉLODIES for Ballets Jazz Montréal. Performed by a lively and energetic septet and set to the hypnotic music of Olivier Fairfield, this new creation conveys the urgent call to action that characterizes our time, and speaks to the vital power of togetherness for a community in search of meaning. Fresh and invigorating.


Choreography - Anne Plamondon | Performance - Eowynn Enquist, Isak Enquist, Kevin Lau, Diana Leon, Judy Luo, Raphaëlle Sealhunter | Lighting design - Eric Chad | Original music - Olivier Fairfield | Costumes - Marie-Audrey Jacques

Photos — Damian Siqueiros

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