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The Infinite Edges of our Skin // Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Stage performance


Year of creation: 2023

Duration: 55 minutes

2 dancers

Using vivariums — transparent tanks on the stage — two dancers reveal their naked forms, exposing both an intimacy we often keep to ourselves and one we are desperate to share. Music, light, and movement converge, revealing a microcosm in constant evolution. In a literal and figurative sense, the intention behind the piece is to confine the subjects, and to strip away their natural habitat, habits, and preconceived relationships in a physical environment as unique as it is demanding. The two bodies sway gently and grow restless in the transparency of the vessels soon to become their homes. What connections can be established between ourselves, others, and our environment? Can our bodies become porous vectors that dissolve the boundaries of our flesh?

The 55 minute performance can also be presented in a museum or gallery space, without stage lights.

The Infinite Edges of our Skin // Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

Durational performative installation


Year of creation: 2024

Duration: 2 hours

2 dancers

First created for stage, The Infinite Edges of our Skin unfolds in the format of an installation-performance designed for museum spaces, art galleries, and multipurpose venues.

This performative installation grants the audience the freedom to wander through the space between the tanks where the performers are immersed, and the video projections by Robin Pineda Gould, enhancing the immersive dimension of the artwork and opening up new perspectives on moving bodies.


Concept and Choreography - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage | Dancers - Léonie Bélanger, Simon Renaud | Music - Jean Gaudreau | Creative collaborator - Ginelle Chagnon | Rehearsal - Sara Hanley | Outside Eye - Catherine Duchesneau | Lighting design - Sonoyo Nishikawa | Costumes - Dave St-Pierre | Head lighting technician and stage management - Julie Laroche | Technical director and stage manager - Samuel Thériault | Production manager - Maurice-G. Du Berger | Set design consultant - Odile Gamache | Scenography - GAUFAB | Video - Robin Pineda Gould


Co-production - Agora de la danse | Executive producer - Lorganisme

Residencies - ·La petite Place des Arts, Maison de la culture de Pointes-aux-Trembles, Le LAVI (Laboratoire Arts Vivants et Interdisciplinarité, UQAM), Agora de la danse


"This piece offers an opportunity for the audience to slow down and appreciate impactful moments and images that can be missed or taken for granted in everyday life, such as two people building an authentic connection through their body language or a single drop of water streaming down a window. These moments were staged with such authenticity that it was easy to become invested in the relationship evolving onstage." Véronique Morin, The Dance Current

Photos: Denis Martin

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