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The Infinite Edges of our Skin // Caroline Laurin-Beaucage


Year of creation: 2023

Duration: 55 minutes

2 dancers

On stage, two transparent tanks are a vivarium for the two performers. These scenographic elements, like two showers containing a small amount of water, become their homes, the place where everything is lived in transparency: microcosms where gesture, sound and light intermingle to reveal the bodies and their affects, in complete intimacy. Literally and figuratively, the intention is to confine the two individuals, to strip them of their habitat, habits and expected relationships, in a physical environment as unique as it is demanding. The Infinite Edges of our Skin offers a journey to the heart of intimacy, the one we keep to ourselves and the one we are ready to share. What is the boundary between oneself, the other and the environment? Can our body be a porous vector, to the point of forgetting the border of the flesh?


Concept and artistic director - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage | Dancers - Léonie Bélanger et Simon Renaud | Music - Jean Gaudreau / Larsen Lupin | Video - Robin Pineda Gould | Set building advisor - Odile Gamache | Creative collaborator - Ginelle Chagnon | Lighting - Sonoyo Nishikawa | Costumes - Dave St-Pierre | Scenography - GAUFAB | Technical director and stage manager - Samuel Thériault | Production manager - Maurice-G. Du Berger


Producer / Coproducers - Agora de la danse | Delegate production - Lorganisme

Residencies - ·La petite Place des Arts, Maison de la culture de Pointes-aux-Trembles, Le LAVI (Laboratoire Arts Vivants et Interdisciplinarité), Agora de la danse
Financial support - Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts du Canada

Photos: Robin Pineda Gould

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