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Le fils d'Adrien danse

XC2020_Le fils d'Adrien danse_visuel RID

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS — the solos (2020)


P.artition B.lanche (2018)


Fluide (2012)


NU (2008)


After his graduation in 1989, Harold Rhéaume leaves Quebec and joins the prestigious Groupe Dance Lab in Ottawa. His first shows are presented at the Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa), the Winnipeg Dance Festival and the New Moves Festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

He arrives in Montreal in 1993 and dances for Louise Bédard, Danièle Desnoyers, Estelle Clareton, Hélène Blackburn, Isabelle VanGrimde, Daniel Soulières and Sarah Bild. Montreal also gives Rhéaume his big break as an independent choreographer: Lucie Boissinot, known for her work with Jean-Pierre Perreault, commissions him to create Ses propres ailes. After 1998’s Fresk, Rhéaume makes his premiere at Montreal’s Place des Arts with Les dix commandements. 

In 1999 Rhéaume starts working under the name Le Fils d’Adrien: first taking part in the Festival international de nouvelle danse (FIND) with Épitaphe, then producing his final show as a Montreal-based artist with his friends Catherine Tardif and Jacques Moisan. Trinité is an off-the-wall success that takes le fils d’Adrien to Burlington, USA. The time is now ripe for Harold to go back to his hometown. His career is in full flight.



Lively force of Quebec’s artistic milieu, Harold Rhéaume built a prolific, accessible, authentic and profoundly human work since his beginnings in Le Groupe de la Place Royale in 1989. His artistic approach follows a search for truth that renders sensitivity through creation and the artistic process. While the objects of his creation are intangible and fleeting, Harold Rhéaume anchors his work in concrete and authentic research, plunging himself into his own physicality. Harold currently works on THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, a reinterpretation of the company's iconic piece to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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A look back : 20 years of dancing with Le fils d'Adrien danse

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