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Intérieurs // Caroline Laurin-Beaucage


Year of creation: 2019

Duration: 50 minutes


CALQ Award for Best Choreographic Work 2019-20, Prix de la danse de Montréal

This solo captures the existence of an artist. Her gestures, her physicality, her presence, the soundscape and set design all bear the sensitive, living, vibrant imprint of her journey as a performer, a choreographer, a mother, a human being. The recollections of her personal peregrinations, in constant transformation, resonate and shine on stage, reflecting the inner monologue of body and soul.

Interieurs is a journey

A fresco

Images that capture

That spark the imagination

States of body and mind that call me back

Between memory and presence

Between breath and disappearance

I am within

Behind the scenes of the soul

In the secret garden, the afterthought, the overlap


Between child and adult

I’m going back home … back inside.



Choreography, dancer - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage | Artistic advisor, Rehearsal - Ginelle Chagnon | Lighting  - Sonoyo Nishikawa |  Music - Larsen Lupin | Video - Robin Pineda Gould | Costume designer - Dave St-Pierre | Set design consultant - Mylène Chabrol + HUB STUDIO | Technical and Stage director - Samuel Thériault | Production manager - Dominique Bouchard | Electric director - Julie Laroche | Scenic treatment - Camille Picher


Residencies  - Garage Nardini, Bassano Del Grappa, Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles, Maison de la culture du plateau Mont-Royal, CCOV, Espace Marie Chouinard

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