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GROUND / GROUND unplugged // Caroline Laurin-Beaucage



Year of creation: 2018

Duration: 60 minutes

5 performers

GROUND explores individual and collective urges, the resonance and resistance among five bodies united by gravity. With its cinematic aesthetics that split up time and space, GROUND reveals in the material of the body the nature of our human condition, showing glimpses of everything that, instinctively or physiologically, keeps us together.

In GROUND, five dancers observe each other as they move in a state of flux, energized by the same movements, isolated or united by the constraints of rebound and coordination. The group becomes an organic whole animated by tensions and impulses, a shifting landscape continuously influenced by a gaze, a gesture, by longing. Obsessive and captivating, the performance evokes the unconscious dynamics and interdependence of a social body.

GROUND unplugged

Year of creation: 2020

Duration: up to 35 minutes

2 to 5 performers

GROUND unplugged takes the piece to outdoor and unusual contexts. This abridged version is highly adaptable to specific contexts.


Choreographer - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage | Performers - Rachel Harris + Kimberley De Jong + Brianna Lombardo + Louis-Elyan Martin + David Rancourt | Music - Larsen Lupin | Lighting - David-Alexandre Chabot | Scenography and costumes - Odile Gamache | Dramaturgy - Kathy Casey | Creative consultant - Elinor Fueter 


Production - Montréal Danse + Lorganisme
Coproduction - Agora de la danse 

Creative residency - Agora de la danse, Maison de la Culture Notre Dame de Grâce

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