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FOREST // Lilith & Cie / Aurélie Pedron


Year of creation: 2024

Duration: 60 minutes

Performative installation, 6 performers

FOREST reverses the paradigms of sight. Bringing together three blind and three sighted performers, FOREST plunges the spectator into the heart of the atypical sensoriality of blind people. This immersive experience cultivates forces that disorientate and re-orientate the audience, dilating their perception of time and space. In this loss of usual reference points, notions of otherness and belonging flourish.


In keeping with her highly sensory approach, Aurélie Pedron cultivates with this piece the subtle zones of perception. Immersed in a minimal level of visibility, the audience gradually tames its environment. Without sight, they find their way home within themselves.


Alvin Albert Forbes, performer (Bahamas) | Élise Bergeron, performer (Val D’Or) | Alexandre Burton, sound design (Montreal) | KG Guttman, facilitator (Toronto) | Justin Houle, technical director and stage manager (Montréal) | Caroline Namts, performer (Montreal) | Chantal Labonté, lighting (Winsdor, Ontario) | Aurélie Pédron, artistic directror (France) | Carlos Parra, performer (Colombie) | Lyse Veilleux, performer (Québec) | Camille Courchesne Couturier, performer (Montréal)


Residencie: Place des arts

Photos : Aurélie Pédron


As if they were creating a "playful form of telepathy", the artists gathered by Aurélie Pedron dance without seeing each other and, nevertheless, manage to make concordant images and synchronized movements appear. "Not being able to see or touch each other makes things perceptible in a different way. We can thus touch each other in other ways, in other paradigms...".

Philippe Couture, Place des arts

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