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Floreus // Sébastien Provencher


Year of creation: 2024 (in creation)

Duration: to be determined

4 dancers + 2 musicians, site specific

Animated still life, eco-queer and ecosomatic choreography, ceremony of flowers and sensuality, Floreus is a site-specific work that brings forth the softness of queer intimacy. Inspired by the work of visual artist Zachari Logan, choreographer Sébastien Provencher brings together an interdisciplinary team from contemporary dance / music / visual art / floristry to create an ambitious diptyque.


The first choreographic tableau, symbolizing shadow, unfolds inside a chapel; the second, symbolizing light, outside in a garden. Working with four dancers using improvisational systems, Sébastien Provencher brings Logan's pictorial works to life in vivid tableaux in which the body, nature and queer identity emulsify.


Choreography - Sébastien Provencher | Performance - Drew Bathory, Rodney Diverlus, Kizis, Nicholas Bellefleur, Mathieu Hérard, Rony Jaoquin Figueroa | Music - Drew Bathory, Kizis | Costumes and scenography - Jonathan Saucier | Creative insight - Helen Simard | Dramaturgy advisor  & inspired by the work of Zachari Logan.


Creation partners - Jardins de Métis, Peabody Essex Museum | Production - Lorganisme | Financial partner - Canadian Council for the Arts

Photos : Sébastien Provencher

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