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Felt // Bill Coleman


Year of creation: 2018

Duration: 50 min

3 performers, 1 musician

Three performers dive into our felt experiences of the natural world, dancing on a circular, hand-woven in Mongolian felt floor, surrounded closely by spectators who are welcome and indispensable to this unique visual and auditory experience.

Created by choreographer Bill Coleman in collaboration with dancers and with kindergarten children, Felt asks us to recall the wonder of life and experience a performance as we might a community gathering. Live musical accompaniment. The project's flexible, minimalist production makes it highly adaptable to all environments: a traditional performance venue, gallery, and outdoors.


Please come prepared to respectfully participate and enjoy the experience. No experience required.


Choreography - Bill Coleman | Performance - Rob Abubo, Ann Trepanier, Mairi Greig | Music : Jaron Freeman-Fox | ​Scenography - Edward Poitras, Robin Poitras (design) & Dairiijav Munkhsukh (fabrication) | Costume - Mairi Greig

Photos : Mongolia Contemporary Dance Festival

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