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Counter Cantor // Anne Plamondon Productions



Year of creation: 2018

Duration: 18 minutes


Angles and sinew. Impact and grace. Fierce individuality and delicate symbiosis. A Fall for Dance North commission, this collaboration between Anne Plamondon and Emma Portner transcends the frame of a duet – and the artists’ difference in age. “Our goal is to collaborate in the most open-minded and in-forceful way, giving space to a new way of creating as solo artists,” they write. Artists, women, human beings. No rules, no preconceptions. When they dance, there is nothing else.


Choreography - Anne Plamondon & Emma Portner | Performance - Anne Plamondon & Belinda McGuire | Lighting design - Simon Rossiter | Music - Dustin O'Halloran, Oliver Fairfield, Travis Lake | Video - Robin Pineda Gould

Coproduction - Fall For Dance North

Creative residencies - Danse à la carte, LA Dance Project

Photos : Bruce Zinger

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