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Night Mechanics // Anne Plamondon Productions


Year of creation: 2017

Duration: 60 minutes


In Night Mechanics, Anne Plamondon returns to the sources of the first movement, the first desire: a primitive state of being, the human animal before the emergence of the mysterious, impossible-to-muzzle urge to create and to build.

After a long career as a dancer working with renowned Canadian and European choreographers, including an outstanding collaboration with the RUBBERBANDance Group, Anne Plamondon is now making her mark as a choreographer. Night Mechanics is a real turning point in her career, a confirmation of her desire to explore personal intuitions in greater depth. For this new piece she is again working with director Marie Brassard, a collaboration that was initiated with her first choreography, The same eyes as yours, presented in 2012 at Agora de la danse.



Choreography, dramaturgy and performance  - Anne Plamondon | Staging and dramaturgy  - Marie Brassard | Scenography - Antonin Sorel | Lighting - Yan Lee Chan | Costumes - Marilène Bastien | Sound Design - Frédéric Auger, Last Ex, Olivier Fairfield | Sound - Frédéric Auger | Rehearsal Director - Shawn Hounsell | Technical Director  - Samuel Thériault | Production Manager - Julie Brosseau Doré

Coproduction - Agora de la danse, Corporation Hector-Charland, La Rotonde 

Creative residencies - Agora de la danse, Centre des arts de Banff, Danse à la carte

Photos : Michael Slobodian

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