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To the Pain that Lingers // Virginie Brunelle


Year of creation: 2016

Duration: 60 min

6 dancers

An instinct for beauty? An instinct for pain? In this piece, choreographer Virginie Brunelle raises a toast to raw emotion with bitter poetry that questions the unfinished, the incomplete - what might remain between two people - offering this sustained action frozen in time like a memory, an aching pain. A mark, a link, a point of reference that is both timeless and of a specific time, the piece casts a gaze at the group, the family and the self.


In a contemporary society nourished by this dangerous substance, Virginie Brunelle proves that pain can also be an emotional bridge, a source for encounters between the six performers and the audience, an experience that leaves no one unscathed.Virginie Brunelle is an exciting young choreographer at the forefront of the Montreal dance scene. With this new creation, she offers a poetic work that is sometimes romantic, sometimes crude, but always informed by her ongoing investigation of human relations. Here, she explores our connection to each other, a link that can never be truly broken, one that leaves behind traces, residue, a memory.



Direction artistique - Virginie Brunelle | Danseurs - Isabelle Arcand, Sophie Breton, Claudine Hébert, Chi Long, Milan Panet-Gigon, Peter Trosztmer | Lumières - Alexandre Pilon-Guay |  Scénographie - Marilène Bastien | Conception sonore - Jean Gaudreau et Virginie Brunelle | Dramaturgie - Stéphanie Jasmin | Répétitrice - Anne Le Beau

Co-production - Centre national des arts, The CanDance Network Creation Fund (Agora de la danse, The Banff Centre, Theatre Junction GRAND, Vancouver International Dance Festival)

Soutien - service de la danse du Conseil des Arts du Canada

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