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Antichambre// Aurélie Pedron (Lilith & Cie)


Year of creation: 2019

Duration: 45 - 90 min

Performative installation  

6 performers

Covering tracks and confusing our senses, ANTICHAMBRE invites approximately 50 participant spectators into an uncharted territory. Equipped with vision-altering glasses, they are given over to themselves in a kinetically reinvented space, where visual stimulation and sound vibration gently undermine perceptual certainties. This immersive and transformative experience is an invitation to let go. The work becomes a means for the audience to renew with the essence of being in society that values having.


Concept and choreography - Aurélie Pedron | Performers - Marie Claire Forté, Rachel Harris, Annie Gagnon, Aurélie Pedron, David Rancourt | Set design - Stéphane Gladyszewski | Sound design - Alexandre Burton | Lighting design - Alexandre Pilon-Guay

Coproduction - Agora de la danse

Photos - Robin Pineda Gould

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